Monday, 28 April 2014

Subaru isn't currently planning a BRZ STi

Subaru's Australian division has announced the company isn't working on a BRZ STi or another performance-oriented model in collaboration with Subaru Tecnica International (STi).

 Subaru isnt currently planning a BRZ STi or other performance models

Sad news for those who were waiting for a turbocharged BRZ or at least an STi-prepared version of the rear-wheel drive coupe as Subaru isn't planning a hotter model. What's even worse is they aren't currently developing other performance models, following the introduction of the WRX STi. Speaking of the WRX STi, it seems the hatchback might not happen after all even though Subaru said they will consider it to meet U.S. demand.

Getting back to the inexistent BRZ STi, the reason why it won't happen is due to limited resources which have to be targeted to improving global sales, according to Subaru Australia managing director Nick Senior. However, some distributors are still lobbying for hotter versions but for the moment an STi model is not being prepared.  

Source: Al Ain Japan

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