Thursday, 20 February 2014

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Ferrari managed to achieve an impressive 2.3 billion EUR revenue in 2013 even though the company sold fewer cars compared to 2012.

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It was May last year when Ferrari chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo announced the firm's intentions to become a more exclusive brand and a few days later he said annual production would be limited to 7,000 units. He kept his promise as Ferrari sold 6,922 units in 2013, representing a five percent decrease in comparison to 2012.

Despite delivering fewer cars, Ferrari achieved a five percent increase in revenue last year by posting a record 2.3 billion EUR. In addition, Ferrari's trading profit (money made before interest, tax and one-time items) went up by eight percent to 363.5M EUR.

Ferrari's latest product is the 458 Special, an evolution of the Italia, which has already proven to be an instant hit as the Italian company has already received orders enough for one year's worth of production.

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Every possible inch of the car that can be made out of carbon fibre is. Carbon fibre is not the only lightweight material used to reduce weight in the car. The glass is entirely made of plexiglass. To further the performance of the car, simply choosing materials is one side of the story. Having ample amount of down force complimented with low drag coefficients at the appropriate times is vital. The new active aerodynamic system in the front (Yay! no more mosquito legs in the front bumper!) as well as the rear spoiler seamlessly coordinate with the driver on how to maximize driving experience not to mention track times.

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The engine has been tweaked along with the front bumper, hood, and rear diffuser. If the normal 458 is an Iphone 5, don’t think of this as an iPhone 5s, think of it as the Iphone 7s. All of the modifications speak for themselves in the data, faster by a whole second, light years when talking about supercars, than the prized Ferrari Enzo around Ferrari’s Fiorano test track. Even the 0-60 time is faster than a normal 458, sitting at a incredibly respectable 2.9 seconds.

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Without a doubt, the Speciale’s main purpose is to go fast, especially around the track. However, unlike most track cars, the Speciale is not cumbersome to drive off track at all. The F-1 transmission is as smooth as you’d expect out of any other Ferrari. As for hiring a full time masseuse due to the track minded ride- forget about it. The new SCM dampers are so reactive that the bumpiest road will little affect on the passengers.

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