Monday, 9 December 2013

Honda Insight will be discontinued after 2014 - Al Ain Japan

Some good news for Honda and for hybrid fans too. The Honda Insight was the number one selling vehicle for the month of April in Japan.

 Honda Insight Becomes First Hybrid to Rank as Best-Selling Vehicle in Japan

According to sales figures from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, Honda sold 10,481 units of the Insight last month alone. The new Honda Insight was released in February 2009 in Japan. It was the first time ever that a hybrid car held the lead in Japanese monthly sales.

The Insight goes on sale in Japan on February 6 and will carry a price tag of ¥1,890,000 (US$21,000). In comparison its closest rival the Toyota Prius goes for about ¥2,383,500 (US$26,500).

The Insight returns 40 mpg in the city and 43 mpg on the highway. These figures are possible thanks to its 1.3-litre aluminum petrol engine that combines with an ultra-thin brushless electric motor that is approximately 22% thinner and approximately 15% lighter than previous-generation technology. Together the two systems work to give a driving range of up to 400 miles (644km) to the Insight. A CVT gearbox drives the wheels.

Safety systems included are ABS braking with EBD, six airbags and front head restraints. Comfort levels are increased by the inclusion of climate control and MP3/ CD/ radio combo. A higher-spec version also has a USB input port and sat-nav.

And Honda is doing well overall in Japan, with its Fit being the best-selling vehicle for 2008 and still going strong this year, topping sales for March and coming in second to the Insight for April.

Still, with falling auto sales in the US (including hybrids), a key market for hybrid vehicles, and US gas prices at very consumer-friendly low-levels, it will be a struggle for Honda, or any automaker with a hybrid on the market, to achieve the same thing in the United States. And Europe too will prove to be a challenge, given the market power of diesels in the largest markets there such as German, France and Italy.

Some Bad news for Honda and for hybrid fans too

Sources within Honda have told Al Ain Japan the Insight hybrid will be terminated after 2014 model year.

Less than two months ago we heard rumors about the Insight and CR-Z being withdrawn from Europe and now Al Ain Japan says the Insight will not receive a 2015 model year in United States. They found out Honda's marketing department hasn't started work on advertising campaigns so it's unlikely the car will live on beyond 2014MY.

Many of you probably saw this coming since the Insight never really hit it off and it seems nowadays customers are willing to pay more for the Civic Hybrid while others will probably wait for a very possible hybrid version of the new Fit. There could also be a conventional-powered Fit sedan hitting stateside with some pretty good mpg figures.

Source:Al Ain Japan