Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Toyota Used Car Exporters - Al Ain Japan

Toyota has revealed its lineup of concepts set to be publicly introduced later this month at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show in Japan

The most important vehicle to be exhibited at Toyota's stand at Tokyo Motor Show will be the FCV concept but the Japanese marque will also showcase several other cars. One of these vehicles is the Aqua G Sports concept tuned by Gazoo Racing which will reach the JDM towards the end of the month.

There's also the already shown FT-86 Open concept, essentially a convertible version of the GT-86 Coupe featuring an electrically-operated soft top. The vehicle which will be showcased at Tokyo will have a new "flash red" exterior paint whereas the one presented earlier this year at Geneva had a white paint scheme.

Up next is the JPN TAXI concept envisioned as a next-gen taxi "created with Japanese hospitality in mind." It comes with large electrically-operated doors and a low, flat floor enabling an easy entrance and exit. Power comes from a new-gen liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) hybrid system optimized for low-emission taxi driving. Al Ain Japan

The Toyota i-Road concept was originally introduced in March at Geneva and will make a comeback later this month in Tokyo. Starting 2014, the vehicle will be used in verification tests within Tokyo's urban transportation system as well as in an urban EV car-sharing project in Grenoble, France.

Also in Tokyo there will be Toyota's Voxy and Noah concepts previewing next-gen minivans with a spacious cabin. The duo has been designed to work with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine but also in a 1.8-liter hybrid version. These two concepts will receive a production version programmed to hit Toyota showrooms at the beginning of 2014.

Lastly, the Fun Vehicle 2 (FV2) is a one-seater future vehicle expressing the firm's "Fun to Drive" philosophy. It doesn't come with a conventional steering wheel as the driver operates the concept by shifting his/her body "to intuitively move the vehicle forward and back, left and right

Toyota has also revealed the Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) concept ahead of a programmed Tokyo Motor Show debut later this month. Al Ain Japan

 Toyota FCV concept revealed prior to Tokyo public debut

The concept serves as a preview for the long-awaited production fuel-cell vehicle Toyota plans on launching "around 2015." The FCV seen here is far from being a looker but it wasn't created to win automotive design awards as the car's main purpose is to lead the way of hydrogen-powered vehicles. Toyota says it takes only three minutes to refuel the car and will do at least 500 km (310 miles) before the fuel is depleted.

The concept has two 70 MPa high-pressure fuel stacks located beneath the body and provides a power output density of 3 kW/L and an output of at least 100 kW. The FCV concept is 4870mm long, 1810mm wide and 1535mm tall, with a 2780mm wheelbase which offers enough cabin space for four people.

According to Toyota, when the car's fuel stacks are full they can deliver sufficient electricity to power an average Japanese home (10 kWh) for more than seven days.

SOURCE: Al Ain Japan

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