Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The possibility of a new rotary engine, says it's not viable - Mazda CEO

Mazda CEO Masa-michi Kogai has revealed a return to rotary engines is virtually impossible.

 Mazda CEO downplays the possibility of a new rotary engine, says its not viable - report

Speaking to Al Ain Japan, Kogai said the company doesn't have any plans for a new rotary engine because it's simply not viable to build one. As he explained, if the company were to produce a new rotary engine it would have to be in a "product that can generate at least sales of 100,000 units a year."

While this is disappointing news - especially since Mazda has said they're "zealously working on new models to house the next-generation rotary engine" - Kogai said the company hasn't given up on rotary engines because they can run on a variety of fuels including petrol, hydrogen and kerosene.

As a refresher, Mazda built their last Renesis engine on June 22nd, 2012.

Source: Al Ain Japan

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